Henry Watts

Hungarian parliament warned of anti-human ‘global government’

A leading Hungarian politician has warned of a technocratic “global government” that is working to erase individualism and create a homogeneous, border-less world of mind-controlled atheists. László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, rang the alarm bells against globalism during a conference earlier this week. “The new technique and ideology of government is […]Read More

Canadian journalist Lauren Southern BANNED for life from Britain

Rightwing ‘alt-Lite’ independent journalist Lauren Southern has announced that she’s been banned for life from entering Britain on trumped up ‘terrorist’ charges for undertaking a “social experiment”. RT: The 22-year-old Canadian was filmed handing out racist flyers emblazoned with messages like “Allah is a gay God” and“Allah is trans” in Luton earlier this year. The “racist” […]Read More

Britain’s political police now a ‘SERIOUS risk of HARM’ to

A damning report released today by watchdogs has revealed the truly shocking state of policing in today’s Britain. Inspectors slammed Britain’s politicised police forces confirming that they are now a “serious risk of harm” to the British public. Victims of serious crime who dial 999 can wait weeks for officers to respond, the analysis found. More […]Read More

Tommy Robinson delivers political prisoner speech in Speakers’ Corner

Tommy Robinson yesterday delivered a speech to thousands of onlookers at Speakers’ Corner on behalf of Austrian political activist Martin Sellner who was banned from entering Britain. Sellner, organiser of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity, and his girlfriend, American independent journalist Brittany Pettibone, were seized by UK border police on their arrival in Britain on […]Read More

Daily Express seized by Far Left

Rightwing media outlet the Daily Express is the latest free speech publication to fall into far-Leftist hands after it was bought out by the Trinity Mirror group. Last month, Daily Express owner Richard Desmond sold the publication along with the Daily Star and its publications including OK! magazine to far-Left Trinity Mirror group. Trinity Mirror […]Read More

Brexit artists band together to fight industry bullies

Pro-Brexit artist have been forced to form a union to stop Remoaners punishing them for voting for Britain to leave the European Union. After it was revealed just 4 per cent of artists publicly backed Leave, they set up a support group to fight back against attempts to deny them work by the 96 per […]Read More

Leftists push ancient Black Briton Cheddar Man Hoax

Recent scientific revelations that the ancient Briton known as Cheddar Man was ‘black’ have turned out to be wishful thinking by politically-motivated news media and academics to justify multiculturalism and immigration – who would have guessed? A few weeks ago, mainstream media outlets fell over themselves to sensationally reveal fake news that the original Brits […]Read More

Leftists tend to be ugly reveals new study

It’s official, the political Right is sexier, smarter and more successful than their Leftie counterparts. To many, it’s been self-evident for years but now an American study has confirmed that attractive people are more likely to be Rightwing and more successful in life while the less attractive are more likely to be on the political […]Read More

Diane Abbott – Ban white people standing as MPs

Her most recent statement strongly suggests so. Speaking at a meeting for The World Transformed group organised by the Brighton branch of the Labour Party’s Momentum group, she demanded that white candidates are barred from standing in a raft of parliamentary constituencies and that ‘all-black’ shortlists of candidates must be created for local elections. Abbott has said Labour should ban […]Read More