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Here’s Fergie! Disgraced ‘Professor Lockdown’ Ferguson is back… and this

Disgraced British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has returned to advise Boris Johnson’s government and this time he’s brought with him ‘Super Coronavirus’. According to the disgraced Professor’s former Imperial College of London secretive SAGE committee computer models, a new “mutant strain” of SARS-CoV-2 is 70% more deadly than the original has arrived. While their technocratic advisors […]Read More

PC police and a power-drunk government have the line

It’s almost unbelievable watching our once-respected police take batons to peaceful protesters in London yesterday, sent in by possibly the most out of touch politicians in our long history to use physical force to break up anti-lockdown protesters. The statement released by the Politically Correct police following the outrage was an attempt to justify their […]Read More