Britain’s political police now a ‘SERIOUS risk of HARM’ to the public

 Britain’s political police now a ‘SERIOUS risk of HARM’ to the public

A damning report released today by watchdogs has revealed the truly shocking state of policing in today’s Britain.

Inspectors slammed Britain’s politicised police forces confirming that they are now a “serious risk of harm” to the British public.

Victims of serious crime who dial 999 can wait weeks for officers to respond, the analysis found.

More than 60,000 suspects – including killers and rapists – were on the loose and forces had ‘stopped taking active steps’ to find them, it said.


Constabularies were accused of bizarre stunts such as painting officers’ nails rather than focusing on crime

Forces wrote off too many crimes, including cases of domestic abuse

Some 3,300 sex offenders had not been fully assessed for the risk they posed to the public

There was a national shortfall of 5,000 detectives, with one in five desks either left empty or filled with unqualified staff

Police bail use is down by 65 per cent after curbs were brought in to stop people languishing in legal limbo for months or years


Islamist terror attacks and the declaration of war on white people by Muslim Rape Gangs by way of their mass rape, torture and trafficking young white girls – part of today’s Islamic slave-trade – led to watchdog head Zoe Billingham admitting that “cracks were beginning to show.”

The report however failed to highlight the institutional anti-white ‘racism’ by the politicised police and their harrowing cover-up and collusion with Muslim Rape Gangs in Rotherham, Telford and every town and city in the Britain with a sizeable Muslim population.

Earlier this week, anti-Islamist activist Tommy Robinson revealed in a video interview (banned from taking place in Britain and filmed instead in Vienna) with US independent journalist, Brittany Pettibone, recalling the truly shocking extent of police corruption in trying to silence dissenters and state collusion with the Islamist invasion.

The Daily Mail reported that “last year campaigners warned victims were losing confidence in police as crimes such as burglary and assault were increasingly treated as minor matters.”

‘Social Justice’ of the political Left has infected police forces across the country after the entire political class capitulated to the poisonous ideology of Political Correctness and its death grip.

Candidates for police commissioner have, for years, been put forward by the Establishment political parties and elected based on their party affiliation in a move which has politicised the country’s police.

On being questioned as to why British police are now a danger to the public, one officer broken off from his tireless search of social networks for online ‘hate speech’ to blame Tory cuts for police refusal to carry out the job of protecting citizens from real-life crime.

Another climbed out of his fabulously rainbow-decorated patrol van (pictured) – thanks to the ‘generosity’ of the British taxpayer – plumed his feathers and blamed budget cuts too, before strutting off to join the gaiety of the parade.

The level of politicisation in Britain’s police forces has not only brought international shame to Britain, put is now a threat to the lives and well-being of the general public.

Freedom Post will be cataloging the political corruption of the Britain police as part of its Police Watch campaign.

Henry Watts

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