Minorities and gays massively overrepresented on TV finds survey

 Minorities and gays massively overrepresented on TV finds survey

A major survey of the British television industry has revealed that Leftist “woke” commentators, gay people and ethnic minorities are massively overrepresented.

The Creative Diversity Network (CDN) published its Diamond: The Third Cut report after surveying “over 30,000 diversity forms relating to over 600,000 TV production contributions”.

The CDN found that “BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] on-screen representation” is a remarkable 23% — far above the BAME share of the British general population, estimated at 14%.

Gay people also get far more on-screen roles than their proportional representation in broader British society would suggest, accounting for 10.7%, 10.5%, 13.1%, an astonishing 18.1%, and 7.6% of on-screen contributions at the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky, respectively, despite making up around 2% of the general population.

Gay people were similarly overrepresented off-screen, accounting for 14.7%, 14.1%, 16.1%, 12.5%, and 10.4% of off-screen jobs at the same five broadcasters.

Women also enjoyed stronger representation, accounting for 52.4% of on-screen contributions and 53.7% of off-screen contributions, while actually accounting for just 47% of the working-age population.

While these figures reveal an appalling disparity in fair representation, the foreword to the report declares that there is “more work to do” behind the scenes, lamenting that women and minorities “remain absent from many senior creative roles”.

For example, the report laments that “while females dominate contributions in some production roles, such as commissioning editor (64.6%), head of production (85.8%), and in hair and make-up (98%), they are still under-represented in other areas of production, such as camera (17.3%), sound (15.1%) and lighting (3.7%), and in some senior roles, for example writer (38.1%) and director (26.2%).”

Since the publication of this survey, the BBC has announced a further spending of £100 Million of taxpayers’ money to further their overrepresentation agenda.


Why is there such a huge overrepresentation?

The BBC and news media outlets are notoriously politically Left-leaning.

The BBC has been entirely seized by Leftwing activists as part of their “long march through the institutions” spanning decades since the 1960s.

Marxists have a one mission – destroy Western culture!

Who built Western culture? White people. Therefore, in the minds of Marxists, White people must be replaced and destroyed.

The politicians are doing this through their Population Replacement programme of Mass Immigration.

Marxists activists in the media do their bit by deprive White people of their culture, dehumanising them by reporting negatively on the entire racial group, and constantly attempting to divide and conquer by way of hijacking interest groups such as the feminist movement and promoting inter-racial relationships to ‘thin out’ the racial group.

Henry Watts

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