Parliament gets super woke with new multi-coloured rainbow logo

 Parliament gets super woke with new multi-coloured rainbow logo

The British Parliament, the centre of operation for the country’s career politicians, has rebranded itself in an attempt to appeal more closely to the British public.

In one end, they’ve ingested the ‘wokest’ Cultural Marxist trends such as Black Lives Matter, Transgenderism, LGBTQ activism and the green movement, and expelled the other end a putrid multi-coloured, postmodernist steaming mess.

While Marxist hordes of “useful idiots” riot to tear down statues of great Britons, racist asylum seekers and Islamist terrorists massacre Brits on our streets, and Muslim Rape Gangs attack and traffic our children, what are the politicians doing?

Ransacking our economy, locking us in our homes, submitting on bended knee for the existence of native Brits while surrendering our nation and sacrificing us all on the alter of Political Correctness, while wasting taxpayers’ money on ill-conceived ‘woke’ branding.

If ever Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared a new hope for Britain, that time is well and truly over.

Johnson is a liberal career politician who has surrendered completely to every fad and force of Social Justice, resulting in his ‘woke’ Conservative Government losing all credibility.

Combined with their mishandling of Brexit (now 4 years on) and the outrageous ‘lockdown’ (a term used to regain control of prisons) which has devastated the economy, destroyed countless small businesses, left millions unemployed and ruined lives, their reputation is in tatters.

Henry Watts

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