Leftists push ancient Black Briton Cheddar Man Hoax

 Leftists push ancient Black Briton Cheddar Man Hoax

Recent scientific revelations that the ancient Briton known as Cheddar Man was ‘black’ have turned out to be wishful thinking by politically-motivated news media and academics to justify multiculturalism and immigration – who would have guessed?

A few weeks ago, mainstream media outlets fell over themselves to sensationally reveal fake news that the original Brits had ‘dark to black’ skin.

The usual Leftwing line up including The Washington Post, the Guardian and The Independent all salivated over the idea and reported it as fact to unfortunate and gullible readers.

But the findings have been cast into doubt by the geneticists who actually carried out the study.

We are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human.

One of the geneticists has now stated that the conclusion is uncertain with others going further still by confirming that ‘we are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human’.

Cheddar Man, the remains of whose skeleton were discovered in 1903 in a cave in south-east England, had lain there for 10,000 years.

Until a few weeks ago, his artist’s impression bust had been depicted with pale skin and blue eyes – which makes sense given that people living in northern latitudes tend to have such features – but was given the ‘blackface’ treatment by over zealous, politicised museum curators.

In an attempt to determine Cheddar Man’s skin colour, researchers at Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis analysed his DNA.

One of the geneticists, Susan Walsh, had assisted in developing a model that tries to predict eye, hair and skin pigmentation solely from their DNA, and the team applied this model to Cheddar Man.

The model had previously used modern DNA to correctly identify who had ‘light’ skin or ‘dark-black’ skin, with a small margin of error.

When Walsh and her colleagues applied the model to Cheddar Man, they concluded his skin colour fell between ‘dark’ and ‘dark to black’.

However, by Walsh’s admission, DNA analysis in ascertaining pigmentation is by no means certain, especially when testing DNA which has degraded over 10,000 years.

Brenna Henn at Stony Brook University, New York, added that we are not ready to predict the skin colour of prehistoric people just from their genes.

That’s because the genetics of skin pigmentation turn out to be more complex than thought.

Currently, researchers have worked with around 15 genes which they believe dictate skin pigmentation, but this “isn’t correct” according to Henn.

Having carried out research on the variations of skin tone among the diverse peoples and tribes of southern Africa, Henn concluded that given we are still learning about the link between genes and skin pigmentation in living populations, we’re a long way off from more accurately predicting the skin colour of prehistoric people.

But since when have Leftists allowed facts to get in the way of them pushing racial-politics and their destructive agenda?

‘Black’ Cheddar Man appears to be a mainstream media fabrication to rewrite history and claim that the original inhabitants of Europe were black in an effort to ‘justify’ multiculturalism and immigration.

Curiously, their ‘sensational’ story also broke during ‘Black History Month’.

You’ll have to rely on alternative media for the facts because you can guarantee that the fake MSM (mainstream media) will, like Cheddar Man, be keeping you in the dark.

Henry Watts

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